Tip Tuesday — Don’t Waste Your Time

I spend a lot of time wasting it. This is not always bad. Sometimes “wasting” time is an enjoyable recreational activity. Here is a list of a few time wasters you’d be better off avoiding. Please add to it and save us all so we can waste our time on other nothings worth doing.

-Running errands at rush hour
-Blaming myself, overanalyzing, feeling guilty
-Scrubbing socks
-Fighting about broccoli
-Continuing to visit preschools when you already know they’re not “the one”
-Talladega Nights
-Trying to remember things I should have written down when I first thought of them

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28 Responses to Tip Tuesday — Don’t Waste Your Time

  1. heather says:

    here I am, first one here and I can;t think of a THING not to waste your time on, other than what you have already mentioned.

    well, maybe you shouldn’t waste your time analyzing your spouses faults. It is a waste of time and will get you no where, FAST.

  2. Heffalump says:

    Don’t waste your time agonizing over events or choices that have already happened and you can’t do anything about.

    Don’t waste your time arguing with a two year old…they cannot be reasoned with.

    Don’t waste your time finishing a book that you hate reading. If you are halfway through and you still hate it, its probably not going to get any better.

    Don’t waste time lecturing your kids on their faults when you could be spending that time praising their strengths.

  3. Jenny says:

    Don’t waste your time…
    -organizing your loose change into stacks… that’s what those machines at the grocery store are for.
    -worrying about what other people think of you (or your kids)… you’ll never really know, and even if you found out, you couldn’t change it.
    -trying to change how people think of you (or your kids)… it’s futile, and what do you really gain?
    -overanalyzing little decisions that won’t matter in 5 days (or 5 minutes)… just pick something! anything! it’s liberating!
    -regretting the past… it’s over, obviously.
    -ironing shirts… buy wrinkle-free, or wear them wrinkled and make a statement!
    -trying on swimming suits… it’ll only make you feel bad. Order one from Land’s End and LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF!
    -wishing you were different… learn to channel your strengths and work with your weaknesses.
    -talking about other people’s bad choices… live your own life, and live it fully!

  4. Nantiemeg says:

    I’m gonna say don’t waste time checking your sisters blogs every hour just in case she posted new pics of the nieces and nephew. Or if you know she is taking a blogging break while her house is being torn apart.

    Also, playing spider solitaire repeatedly, just to see if you can beat your previous winning streak.

  5. Heather says:

    Don’t waste time – comparing your kids to “everyone else” even if “everyone else” is your best friend’s kids whom you love like your own. They are each thier own person – and are “fearfully and wonderfully made”

  6. Shalee says:

    Dont waste time wondering about the “could have beens”, comparing you/your family to anyone else, shopping at malls, yelling at your kids over trivial things thereby giving them a confidence complex, worrying, watching tv, looking at your blogline comments compared to others’ comments or living in the future.

    DO “waste time” on playing games with your family, telling those around you that you love them and what you find admirable about them, meeting other bloggers and/or talking with them on the phone, sitting outside on a beautiful morning and drinking coffee while listening to the birds, eating ice cream with your kids just because you can and telling God how incredibly thankful you are for his love, protection and blessings.

  7. Don’t waste your time
    -on Amazon.com, because you’ll also waste your money. But who can resist new books?
    -learning Greek. They’ve translated all that stuff,anyway.
    -trying to get your husband to stop playing World of Warcrack (thanks bon, I can’t think of it any other way, now.) He’ll just start getting up at 3:00 am to sneak in a couple or 9 hours.
    -Memorizing the Priodic Table. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, the elements are brown and runny, green and runny, brown and chunky, pink and chunky, and home-made cottage cheese.

  8. surcie says:

    I’m laughing at your inclusion Talladega Nights. My husband loves that movie and asked to get the DVD as a gift. I recently watched it, and I’m still scratching my head as to why it was so popular when it’s so LAME.

  9. Mir says:

    How about crying about all the work you need to be doing, rather than doing it? That’s my favorite.

  10. Anonymous says:

    (I want to be anonymous because I’m afraid of all the hate mail I could receive because of this comment)

    Don’t waste so much time worrying about the kids watching TV, as long as its good programing you’ll be amazed what they’ll learn. Mine learned sign language from the “idiot box” no prompting from me. That said, age appropriate programming is definitely worth wasting time finding.

  11. Millie says:

    Don’t waste your time worrying, getting all emotionally involved, and beating yourself up about something you messed up on or haven’t been doing correctly or at ALL, instead of just jumping in and doing what you need to be doing.

  12. KimC says:

    1. Don’t waste your time cleaning things on a schedule, even if they aren’t really dirty.
    This includes clothes after just one wearing; children after one day; your hair (although mine really *is* dirty every day); vacuuming every _ days (unless you have 8 children and 2 indoor pets, in which case you probably should vacuum twice a day).
    2. Don’t do jobs that will eventually do themselves, like drying dishes.
    3. Don’t stare at the monitor for 10 minutes trying to think of ways to save time.

  13. bon says:

    heh… you could probably skip my blog!

  14. Lainey-Paney says:

    I’m so glad you put “Talladega Nights” on there.
    That was a freakin’ waste of my time.
    Time that I’ll never get back!

    …guess I’m wasting more time by bitching about it.
    Ok. I’m done.

  15. Lei says:

    …cleaning the kitchen floor between meals

    that’s all i got for today!

  16. Jane says:

    Thank YOU anonymous! I love it when someone says perfectly something that I have been thinking/trying to say! As long as it is age appropriate it can teach your kid things from a different perspective than your own sometimes.

    Also, I’m trying not to waste time on guilt, giving or receiving.

  17. RGLHM says:

    We’re twins.

  18. Mary says:

    Don’t waste your time trying to pry the playground bark chips from your 9-month old’s hands. As soon as you do, he’ll just pick up more to shove into his wee mouth. He’s fast like that, so why bother, eh?

  19. Kimberly says:

    Don’t read blogs that don’t make you smile, laugh, cry, learn, or grow (and yours does ’em all!).

  20. EmLouisa says:

    Don’t waste your time cleaning up when your kids are awake. I can’t count the number of times I have re-picked up after picking up.

    And I agree about Taledega Nights. It’s just bad. What does that say about my brother, who thought it was the best show ever? I swear we aren’t related.

  21. amanda says:

    ha! Talladega Nights–laughed thru the 1st quarter…slept thru the last 3/4. You gotta wonder about someone who names their kids “Walker” and “Texas Ranger”!

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  23. Rebecca says:

    Don’t waste your time worrying what people from high school might think of you now. Seriously, I fretted for years about how I’d appear to two very smart friends, and found out later on that one had become homeless and DIED and the other one was not doing very well, either. So all that time I’d been holding myself to a standard that didn’t even exist.

  24. Sorry about 21. I think I can disable the pingback thing. You can delete it, right?

  25. Azucar says:

    Don’t waste time vaccuming, that’s what crawling infants are for.

  26. Amy says:

    Don’t waste your time wondering if you child has autism (as I did this morning). If he does, you will handle it when the time comes. If he doesn’t, that’s ok too.

    Don’t waste time thinking bad thoughts about how dirty you child is and why DH didn’t clean him up. At least DH is watching him…

    Don’t waste your time in political arguments. No good will come of it and your relationship may be ruined because of it.

  27. Christina says:

    Don’t waste your time cleaning your kids rooms. With some guidelines, they can learn to do this well on their own even from a young age. Once we organized our kids’ rooms in a way that helped them understand where things should go, they did a great job. If you need help thinking through how to organize your kids’ rooms, check out a great, free resource made available by the company I work for. It’s at http://www.organizingmyhome.com.

  28. rachel says:

    I waste my time writing lists but I never have the time to actually do the things on them.

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