New Host – New Feed

Now that I’ve switched web hosts, the old DYM feed is dead.  I know not why.  I care not why.  Shed a silent tear and let’s move on with our lives. 

If you’re subscribed to the feed from this site and haven’t been getting updates, please delete and resubscribe to my new feed.

The RSS is

To sub with bloglines, click here.

I promise to write something cool some day so please don’t break up with me over the internet.  I’d prefer you to do it in person.



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12 Responses to New Host – New Feed

  1. Abbey says:

    hmmm. No wonder. I thought you’d closed down for the holidays. I have some back reading to catch up on.

  2. Liz says:

    duly updated and happy anniversary month!

  3. Sketchy says:

    Yeah. If I was only cool enough (read not so darned lazy) as to set up bloglines or whatever…I would do that. Well I can dream…if only…if only…

  4. KYouell says:

    I didn’t notice because Blogarithm didn’t even hiccup. Yay!

  5. grammyelin says:

    I would never break up with you over the internet. I wouldn’t ever break up with you in person, either. I just like having you around! Love you!

  6. Glad to have your feed back… mwahahaha…. feedback…

  7. I don’t see my breaking up with you as a possibility… you’ve changed my life in countless ways. (Mrs. Miller)

  8. Heth says:

    Good, you are alive.

    I kept thinking, “Is Daring Young Mom dead?”

  9. Michelle says:

    Glad you’re back and up again.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Dang, I missed my chance. I guess we’ll have to break up when I see you again.

  11. And…. any minute now… shhh, I think she’s about to post something… and…. here it comes……….

  12. owlhaven says:

    Hah! Mystery solved. I was trying to figure out why you hadn’t written anything for, like a zillion years…
    so not like you

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