Socks are Warm

I think the rats are gone.  If not, I’m giving them the silent treatment.  Is that cruel?  If it is, please comment on this post and tell me that I have no right to be a mother because of the way I treat animals.  I always love that.

We are warm and cozy and have had a fabulous Christmas.  Presents flowed like Martinellis at a Mormon New Year’s Eve party and I have become enamored with a device that simultaneously fascinates and terrifies me.  I edited my website from this phone in my car.  I think it can read my thoughts.  It’s possible that it’s reading yours right now. 

My anniversary is coming up and I’ll be in Utah when it hits.  Dan, I and the kids will be staying in my teenage sister-in-law’s bedroom, or as we like to call it — the guest room.  She’s very good at sharing.  There’s nothing like celebrating your anniversary in a room full of stuffy-nosed short people who stand on opposite sides of your bed yelling “GO AWAY” and laughing at each other till 1am.  It’s gonna be sweet. 

Oh, and I have to tie in the title.  You should wear socks more and you should probably wear more socks.  They are warm and they protect your feet from dirt and rogue stickers on the carpet.  I like socks.

So I miss you.  I hope your holidays are good. 

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9 Responses to Socks are Warm

  1. Angela says:

    Oh my gosh! I just read your post on fish and the COMMENTS. Woweee~! Gotta love that! I’d say, Pops is how you can come back for more. I love what he wrote! If you’ve got some of that DNA floating around in you then everything is okay—right? Even though it has nothing to do with this post, I just want to say, I hope you at least had the humanity to pray for your passing fish’s souls, as one can never be too sure where he (they) went. Especially if his mortal life was spent in excrement. Evil fish excrement.

    Your Mormon New Years/Martinelli reference made me laugh out loud. My 3 year old asked just the other day if there would be more presents at the next holiday. I explained to him that it was New Years, and no. He asked, “Then what DO we get?” Halloween, he got candy, TG he got a plane trip, Christmas he got presents—it just doesn’t seem fair. So, I offered the only truth I knew. “You get Martinellis”

  2. Sketchy says:

    I’m a slipper fan myself…but only until we moved into a house with cold cold floors. Before that it was dare the world in my bare sockless feet. Can we still be friends, or at least can I still comment on your blog for whatever friendshipness that counts for? I promise I won’t berate you over the obvious cruelty to rats…

  3. Fish Killer: My mind is still reeling from the shock of reading about your mistreatment of your pets. And to think we once giggled together under the watchful eye of Mary Ellen Edmunds. If only I’d known what was going on with your poor fish. You can bet we would’ve brought some fish diapers along. ::sniffle::

  4. Susan says:

    I could care less if you kill your fish, but your advocacy of sock wearing is JUST TOO MUCH. You’ve crossed the line, DYM. Toes deserve to be FREE, not bound by wool and cotton and various unnatural fibers used to promote warmth and stretchyness. It’s foot cruelty! Socks are just . . . wrong.

    Signed, Sock Free By Choice

  5. I don’t miss YOU. I got to see you today. Love you!

  6. Karen says:

    Dude. I just read the whole fish thing. Sheesh! Talk about HARSH. Sorry you had to endure that P*TA-like crucifixion.

  7. sarah hart kingston says:

    Yes to socks. I only say this after living in the Philippines for 15 months and not ever putting on a sock for 15 months. Then I came back to Utah in August and nearly FROZE to death. Socks are sanity. If there are no socks, there are only ice blocks that will likely have to be removed before morning. Or warmed up in a sink full of hot water, which is very difficult, nigh unto impossible for a pregnant lady (which I am NOT!!! but recently was) because we have no bathtub. I favor socks over amputation.

    I nearly cried that we missed you guys yesterday. But THANK HEAVENS we got that Bionicle piece back. Crisis averted. Screaming averted. Spanking averted. Geez, I think you just prevented some child abuse. (We still have 4 more days of holiday-related-family-partying and it’s my own children I can’t handle.)

  8. Mary says:

    Uh, yeah. The fish comments over there were ridiculous. Some people seriously need to get a grip. Loved the angel pictures! Your kids are too cute!

  9. Melessa says:

    Just read the fish comments. Oh. good. grief.
    Our anniversary is coming up too. We will be spending it driving some roundabout way back from Phoenix thanks to snow and ice on I-10 with my parents and all four kids. Our love for the Sooners apparently knows no bounds. Enjoy yours!

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