A Few Questions

the most amazing picture ever posted to this blogWhy is it fun to get out every toy in the house, even if you don’t plan on playing with any of them? Do you know what playing is? Does it involve throwing things all over the floor faster than I can pick them up, laughing and then unplugging the vacuum just as I get to that satisfying green-light-means-dirt-all-gone stage?

Wasn’t this carpet new 6 months ago?

Will the various parts of my house ever EVER be clean all at the same time again? No, I’ll settle. Will my main floor ever EVER be clean all at the same time again? On second thought, please do not answer this question.

Why don’t I sit out on my front bench more often? I made this bench and have never really sat on it. I want to be a front porch lurker, a “Yoo-hoo” caller and a Postum sipper. I think I’ll start tomorrow.

If it looks like snow, but sounds like rain, what is it? And more importantly, will it stop my postal carrier from bringing my Lube-Oil-Filter coupons tomorrow because I really need more Lube-Oil-Filter coupons?

I just sat down at the computer and had an almost uncontrollable desire to type in the URL www.cheesecake.com. I know that’s not a question. I think I was maybe just asking your permission to do it.

Hold please.

Okay. I went over there. It looks good. Skinny Al Roker endorses it. It tastes like plastic when sampled via the internet. Don’t waste your time. Now if jolly Al Roker had endorsed it, maybe.

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14 Responses to A Few Questions

  1. Beck says:

    Which reminds me that I have to make several cheesecakes tomorrow for the church Christmas tea.
    My kids have a playroom and thanks to their liberal toy dumping techniques, the playroom’s floor is several feet higher than all of the rest of the floors in the house.

  2. Mary says:

    We would get that freezing rain in Oregon when I was growing up. The frozen pebble stuff would pile up and when you walked through it, it would feel almost like sand. Very strange.

    Since our Thanksgiving trip, our house hasn’t been put back together at any point. Feels like I’ll never get on top of things! You have my sypmathy, or empathy or whatever!

  3. allysha says:

    I’ve often wondered why every single toy is required. But somehow it is. Toys must be strewn everywhere or at least moved from their original spot in order to really have a good playtime. But I must have forgotten why this is necessary when I became a grown-up. Or at least when I was put in charge of keeping the house clean or something (who really wants to be grown-up…)

  4. grammyelin says:

    Your house will never be clean all at the same time until everyone except you and Dan have moved out … And then it will be very quiet, clean and sometimes lonely. Last week my house was strewn with toys from top to bottom. I LOVED it! Come back again soon. I miss you already.

  5. Heather says:

    I think I could have written this post. I THINK there is crpet in my house – I can’t be sure for all the STUFF (and that is NOT the word I was thinking of!) on my floor.

    And I was just loking around my cluttered house wondering where I was going to put the tree.

  6. I think somebody has been snowed in a little too long…

  7. Janell the Great says:

    That would be called slushing.
    Or is that when it looks like snow, it smells like snow, but it’s wet like rain?

    Good luck with your battle against scattered toys. =)

  8. Josie says:

    I have very recently wondered the same thing. While I’m handing Little Prince a toy he is often staring at the toy bin waiting for a new one. It is only when every toy is out that he begins to play… very odd for a baby without having mastered object permenance. I too expect my oil lube coupons in the mail, if it goes more than two days without one, I feel I should call to make sure they haven’t forgot me.

  9. Lei says:

    postum sipper. i like that title!

  10. Melessa says:

    I would answer that clean house question, but I think you meant it to be a rhetorical one.

  11. Julie Q. says:

    Loved the link to your Oct 2005 messy house pictures. My sisters claim I’m adopted because my house is too clean. But the joke is that it’s only clean when I know they are coming over. The rest of the time it looks like…well, like a bunch of people LIVE in it.

  12. I think I need a bench, too, and I gave up long ago on the toy vs. floor question. It just is. Accept it and breathe slowly and drink more Yoohoo.

  13. Kristen says:

    Very good questions. Particularly the first one. I’m with you there!

  14. I’m afraid to read your blog: first it MADE me go shopping on Black Friday, then it MADE me call it “Black Friday” when I have never ever called it such…now it’s trying to MAKE me eat cheesecake…NON-fat cheesecake at that. When will its influence end?

    Just don’t post anything about how fun it’s to sing naked on the streets ok?

    PS. Good luck on the scattered toy situation.

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