Me and Mermaids – We’re Lonely

So, I’ve moved to Fridays at and I miss you over there.  Please join me today as I share the ways Laylee and I have been enlightened by our viewing of Disney’s nautical adventure. 

Financial advice?  Keys to a happy marriage?  Learning to love schoolyard bullies.  It’s all there.  Have a read and share what you’ve learned.

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4 Responses to Me and Mermaids – We’re Lonely

  1. Daring Young Dad says:

    My favorite part is “The schoolyard bully can be considered “kind of nice” as long as one of your friends finds a way to make him return your lunch money and then runs him through with the splintered bow of a sunken ship.”


  2. Just saying hi! Have a super weekend!

  3. That just might be your best post ever!!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more- and have yet to figure out how to explain “tramp” to my sons!! I wrote a post about how much I HATE the ending of this movie- couldn’t she have just turned into seafoam and straddled the worlds like she was supposed to do??

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