Laylee Says

WHY are you reading my mom's blob?Laylee [to my hairdresser whom she chatted up for a full hour]:  I have a sister and she’s big and big and bigger as you.
Hairdresser:  Really?
Laylee:  Yeah, and she has PINK HAIR!
Hairdresser:  Wow.  I’d like to see her sometime.
Laylee:  Yeah, except you can never see her because she’s like angels.  You can’t see angels.  They just play around in your bed at night but you can never never see them.

Laylee [reading the side of the sippy cup]:  This side says “this is a big cup of water”.  This side says “Flooze is it lounces.”

Laylee:  These cookies don’t taste GOOD on the table with the sun shining on them.  Can you please go outside and try to move the sun around?

Yes.  I wonder how long until she stops believing I’m all-powerful and realizes that we need angels for far more serious things than playing around in our beds.

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19 Responses to Laylee Says

  1. Michelle says:

    She looks awfully young to be reading so well.

  2. andrea says:

    Oh — if only we didn’t lose our wonder and imaginations when we grow up.
    Laylee looks just like her mom in that photo!

  3. Melissa says:

    Clearly she gets her brilliance and sense of wonder (not to mention her gorgeous smile) from her mama.

  4. jodijean says:

    wow, love love love your haircut. ir ecently went short, and now i’m growing it out so at least i can do a semi-pony when i can’t shower because i’ll have a crying newborn needing my attention.

    i always love laylee’s conversations. my neice has many imaginary friends as well, my favorite is her pet dragon.

    and you know what, i hate the sun in my eyes, can you do something about that, puh-LEASE!!!!

  5. Melessa says:

    Well, most angels have more important jobs. But I’d like to think a few enjoy hovering around our babies when they’re sleeping (or supposed to be sleeping, anyway). Precious pics of mom and daughter!

  6. allysha says:

    she’ll eventually realise that you are not all-powerful, which is not necessarily a bad thing…but I hope that she always has angels to play around in her bed, even when she needs them for more serious things.

  7. Brony says:

    I love the things that kids say.
    Thanks for the smile.

  8. kate says:

    She is a riot. I love that she is reading!

  9. surcie says:

    I aspire to be the goddess my boy thinks I am.

    Since he was born, I have performed feats that amazed even me (such as take his rectal temperature!), but most of the time, I am a mere mortal. [Sigh.]

  10. Tess says:

    the floating heads – I think the new hair is a good choice too. eenie meenie miney moe…

  11. Sketchy says:

    I need a cup that says “Flooze it is lounces.” I don’t know why I need it, but I do.

  12. Jessica says:

    Laylee says the darndest things. Too cute!!

  13. grammyelin says:

    That pic (I only said that because I know it bugs you) of Laylee is wonderful! I want a copy of that picture. Please keep writing down her brilliant conversations. I LOVE hearing them and she will be so happy to know about them when she is bigger. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all!

  14. So… how’s your Tabernacle Choir color-scheme guessing game going?

  15. Rebecca says:

    “Flooze is it lounces”? Laylee is so cute. I love that young age when they still think you can do everything: my seven-year-old has been very disillusioned with my inability to move things, like the sun, for her.

  16. Tressa says:

    Could the Laylee-isms be any cuter?? And it’s quite obvious where she gets her smarts & her looks from 😉

  17. Caryn says:

    She is just adorable. And one reason why my husband and I are hoping we have a daughter when the time is right–though we may want to give her back when she turns twelve…

  18. Jessica says:

    Awww…kids can really make you think can’t they?!?

  19. christina says:

    She is too funny. My sweet boy has a new friend his name is…..
    But(t) Yes But(t) I am not sure the exact refrence therefore I do not know the correct spelling but he apparently lives in Texas. Um.. Kids are so darn imaginative!

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