Green Drink Recipe – A Smoothie Brought to Me By Target

I buy stuff at Target fairly frequently so I was pleased to see that they were expanding their grocery selection. When they sent me a $25 gift card to try out their new grocery department and blog about it, I figured it would make a good food post.
This recipe is one of my favorites, a green drink smoothie I make to pump my kids and myself full of vegetables. They’ll eagerly drink three handfuls of spinach when it’s pureed into this mixture but ask them to eat four leaves by themselves and they’ll act like their life is over.
Green Drink Spinach Smoothie

    Green Drink

2 heaping handfuls of fruit of your choosing
About one pound of fresh spinach
2 Cups fruit juice
1 Cup water

Throw your fruit in a blender. Stuff in as much spinach as you can. Pour your liquid over top. Blend until creamy and green.
Green Drink Spinach Smoothie
I like to use at least one frozen fruit, my favorite being one banana and a huge handful of strawberries. For fruit juice, I just use whatever I have available. For this recipe I used frozen strawberries, a banana, a bag of spinach and Dole pineapple/peach/mango juice, all purchased with my gift card from the fresh grocery department of Target.

The dry goods selection is surprisingly good at Target, not to the level of a traditional grocery store, but decent and they have a good supply of basic produce if you’re not looking for anything fancy. They have meat, dairy and frozen foods now too. I found the prices to be really low on some things and high on others.

Tillamook cheese, for example, was $8.99 for a baby loaf, way more than I’m willing to pay. Their bagged spinach, however, cost less than I find it on sale at the grocery store.

Overall, I think it’s a convenient option if you’re going to Target anyway, but I wouldn’t make it my primary grocery source.

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6 Responses to Green Drink Recipe – A Smoothie Brought to Me By Target

  1. Pam in Utah says:

    Green Smoothies!!!! Oh YAYauh! Love Em! I add some greek yogurt for some high quality protein as well. YUM!

  2. Jill says:

    I was asking just this question to someone the other day (Would you do all your shopping there.) Thanks for your answer! Looks like a great recipe – a new blender is on my wish list for Christmas. Adorable picture of the little one!

  3. Lisa says:

    We love green smoothies! Whenever my kids eat them I feel like I am feeding them something their little growing boding really need! My sister introduced me to the wonders of The Green Smoothie Girl!

  4. EMAH says:

    One thing that might be influencing the price of Tillamook is the fact that Target may set its prices somewhere far removed from the Northwest, where Tillamook grows on trees. In Missouri (where I live and pine for the cheese of my youth), the only place that you can get Tillamook at a decent price is Costco, because they set their prices on the west coast. I’ve seen medium cheddar out here being sold for $12.99 per pound in other grocery stores. So the prices at Target may differ because they reflect demand and/or supply somewhere in the Midwest. I think Target is headquartered in Minneapolis, but I might be making that up.

  5. Seastar says:

    We love Green Smoothies and they are ever so much better made in a Blendtec blender! Your recipe looks a lot like ours. I have been throwing in some carrots and Kale as well as some yogurt instead of juice. It is different every time I do it depending on what I happen to have on hand. But my kids don’t seem to care what color the smoothie, all that goodness goes down!

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