The Benefit of the Trout… er Betta Fish

When you’re driving through town and you get stuck behind some obnoxiously slow unshowered driver still wearing pajamas at 2 in the afternoon, give her the benefit of the doubt.

She may not be a drunk crazy psychopath. She may just be a sleepdeprived crazy fish lady, transporting the family pet in a bowl full of sloshing water to the vacation fish sitter. She may need to go 15 miles per hour to keep fish ish from splattering all over her carpets.

She may be going crazy getting ready for a week-long camping trip with her family and your exasperated gestures from the car behind may just send her over the proverbial “edge”.

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8 Responses to The Benefit of the Trout… er Betta Fish

  1. Sarah says:

    Oops! Was that you?

  2. The Wiz says:

    Um….fish sitter???? Betta fish thrive well on neglect. They can TOTALLY go a week without food.

    But kudos to you for driving a sloshing fish around. You are braver than I.

  3. Loralee says:

    That was you? Pardon the expletives and excessive honking. I should have known there was aquatic life at stake!

  4. Arizaphale says:

    Enjoy the campng trip. Hope the fish survives!!

  5. bonnie says:

    Just breathe 🙂 One mile at a time, your charm and poise will score you points on any highway! Remember there are always “fast lanes” for crazy, single,not haggard people who don’t feel the need to drive aquatic life to it’s “fish-sitter”. Have lots of fun camping. Thanks for your posts, I now recieve them via email, and so I don’t comment as often, nevertheless, you should know that you never fail to make me chuckle! You’re a little bit like my “hero :-)”

  6. Liz says:

    Oh, that was you?

    Have a great trip. Anxious to hear how the camping trip will go! We’re discussing a family camping trip next summer, when Henry will be 2 and maybe more able to, you know, sh*t in the woods.

  7. Carrie says:

    Someone needs to invent something water-tight that fits over fish bowls. Have a great camping trip!

  8. KYouell says:

    Carrie has a good idea. Perhaps that press & seal type of wrap? I think it’s evil and don’t want its pressable glue on my food, but it shouldn’t bother the air space above a fish’s bowl.

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